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Taxation Service In London

Some people miss out on the avenues to reduce their taxes and end up paying too much taxes. If you need investment advice or run your business or your partner has come from abroad, in all such instances you need to consult your tax adviser, otherwise chances may be that you end up paying higher taxes. Contact Nexa Accountants and get the best advice on your taxes.

With years of dedication towards our clients, we have evolved ourselves in a wide range of skills and services designed to improve client’s profitability and performance.

Let’s explore our range of taxation services:

Company Taxation

At Nexa Accountants, we offer you advice on a wide spectrum of business tax matters which includes:
Tax Error

  • Preparing computation of corporation tax and returns
  • Corporation tax planning
  • Capital Expenditure Analysis to augment capital allowances claims
  • Planning for Business succession
  • Corporate group structuring and restructuring
  • HM Revenue and Customs investigations and enquiries
  • Sale of businesses and businesses assets
  • Share planning
  • Dividend planning
  • Investment planning

Nexa Accountants provide you overall compliance of corporate tax and planning service which is customized to your company. We can assist in guiding you through the tax rules and regulations so as to reduce your tax burden while at the same time ensure you that your company is in full compliant with the law.

Personal Taxation

We focus in ensuring that all our clients submit in time correct tax returns and offer timely deadline reminders for reducing the risk of clients which incurs late filing of returns penalties or tax payment.

Personal Tax Services include

  • Non Domiciliary Tax Issues
  • Preparing and Filing of Income Tax Returns
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Estates, Trusts and Inheritance Tax

It takes a lot of time to deal with investigations and enquiries from HM Revenue & Customs which even becomes a stressful and challenging experience. At Nexa Consultants, we take care of the process on your behalf. 

Partnership Taxation

Corporation tax rates
Nexa Accountants can assist you in navigating through the necessities along with services which covers the following areas:

  • Preparing partnership and partners’ tax returns and computations
  • Partnership succession planning
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s)
  • Tax planning
  • Engaging with HM Revenue & Customs enquiries and investigations

Our devoted experienced team can guide on how this difficult tax system operates, assisting you to handle your tax liabilities and obligations at the appropriate time and through the correct framework.

Value Added Tax

At Nexa Accountants, we provide cost effective and efficient VAT service to ensure that your VAT returns are completely as per the applicable regulations. It also states that you are only paying VAT at the right time, and equivalent, that you can reclaim the maximum amount of VAT at the earliest.
Tax efficiency
Value Added Tax Services that we offer includes:

  • VAT planning and administration
  • Application for VAT registrations and de-registrations
  • VAT reconciliation and control
  • Preparation and filing of EC Sales Lists and Intrastat
  • Preparation and filing of VAT Returns
  • Resolution and Management of VAT inspections
  • Recovery of UK VAT by EU businesses
  • Acting as VAT representative with HM Revenue & Customs

Tax Services in East London

At Nexa Accountants, we keep updated of all latest developments which may affect your tax affair so as to ensure that you achieve complete advantage of the benefits and allowances that are available for you. This in case will help you to minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

We also ensure that we acknowledge all your interests and concerns and interrelate both personal and business tax objectives.

Tax Services in West London

Being the matter of a tax investigation by the HMRC can be a worrying experience. With the beginning of personal and corporate self-assessment, HMRC staff can now evaluate instances on a ‘sample’ base; as a result, tax investigations have become more recurrent. We have a valuable experience in regulating with HMRC investigations, whether they are enquiring into the tax return of an individual under the regime of Self Assessment. If you wish to be a topic of an investigation, we can offer you an expert help and assistance.

Tax Services in Central London

Safeguarding the interests of clients’ taxation information and total accounting is of vital importance to us at Nexa Accountants based in London. Also, we have formulated a system that secures your data at any cost from any unofficial access.

How to pay corporation tax

We are one of the respectable taxation service providers throughout London. We provide a varied spectrum of taxation services to our clients in and around London. Having experience in this domain for so many years has helped us to evolve ourselves in a wide variety of services. Our services are available to all forms of clients like self-employed professionals, individuals, partnership firms, limited company etc at the most affordable fees.

Tax Services in North London

At Nexa Accountants, we focus in managing all your tax related responsibilities and assist you with a plan in such a manner so as to reduce your tax liabilities to all statutory institutions. Our taxation services involve tax expert advice and tax planning, filing of your tax returns, complete association with HMRC representatives including complete follow-ups and other services on your behalf. 

Tax Services in South London

At Nexa Accountants, our services include the followings:

  • Income tax- preparation and submitting personal tax returns
  • Corporation tax- preparation and submitting company tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of PAYE and VAT returns

Our expert tax accountants have years of experience in calculating significant computations and providing you customized solutions by taking into account all the available allowances and several other reliefs. It is not all about paying tax but how to save money depends as well!

Our expert tax consultants in UK are proficient at using all the major software. By using the current procedures, your future tax liabilities are calculated and can be brought down to minimum.

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