Six ways small businesses can fund an expansion

With economic parameters demonstrating the growth to be gradually returning, expansion becomes an increasing businesses prospect throughout the board.

New opportunities are welcoming new ways which are collectively unfastened and for micro businesses pursuing expansion, growth is becoming an accessible option.

The prime motive is having liquidity for small businesses. However, expansion creates pressure on your finances as you construct your business. To propel your growth, you must be requiring capital-which comes in a variety of formats. Therefore, if you are looking for expansion of your small business, there are six ways to raise the funds:

Conduct a little debt financing

Debt Financing
Debt Financing

Debt might not liberate you instead of posting a credit crunch, but it’s the thing most of the start-ups and small businesses look for funding their expansion of business. Banks and the like do provide loans but at a reasonable price.

You’ll sometimes in a requirement to offer collateral and paying interest on whatever loans you pull out, but for it, you don’t need to compromise on losing equity or regulating your business’s fate. It’s because of this, alongside its receptiveness, that debt financing remains so famous.

Get into the fist of securing Government Grants

In the United Kingdom, there’s a variety of grants available to the prospering micro business. You can look for such grants on an online platform where you can search out what’s available.

Generally, accessing to free money, without any ties of collateral and interest, securing a government grant can be the best leverage offering you a future wealth.

There are also agencies which can provide you grants at significantly low cost. Check out from the website and secure to have one for your businesses.

Securing funds from Venture Capitalists

save money
save money

If the banks don’t see your financial capacity, and the grants aren’t obtainable, you can approach easily to Venture capitalists to ease your funding struggle.

Institutional investors provide you their managerial expertise and huge money they’ll take a stake in your mushrooming business and will want some managerial control.

For this, you have the maximum chances of losing a degree of control as against the big funds in order to expand your business rapidly.

Approaching Business Angel

Venture Capitalists however come in groups, Business Angels are affluent individuals who offer their own cash. They are also more careful about their money wherever they are investing but they would like to invest prudently. In their anticipation, it will be the smaller company still within their infancy. So for the mushrooming micro business, angel funding stands to be more secure as against venture capitalist funding.

“If you don’t have a concrete business idea of expanding your business, you may run under the debt trap to repay back Business Angel ”.


Crowdfunding usually happens on a website platform where businesses or individuals normally demonstrate their project so as to attract investment or loans from the general public.

This space is emerging but at present, there are four varied models. These are prepayment or rewards based crowdfunding; donation-based crowdfunding; loan-based also called as peer-to-peer; and equity based investment.
The business chiefs who are unable to obtain finances through other sources, calls for crowdfunding. If you have a popular product or idea that attracts to a wide audience, you are also subject to raise money more conveniently this manner. Of course, you need to publicize your idea though.

The medium is also a good measurement of the wider public’s paying capacity to a business proposition. People park away their funds in the belief that the business prosper well so that their repayment interest gets satisfied in the longer-term.

“You have a Complex business idea but a layman is unlikely to identify the opportunities behind credible but extended business ideas. Funding not disclosed appropriately could damage the reputation of both business and entrepreneurs. Also business ideas have the chances of being copied in crowd funding platforms without intellectual property protection.” 


If none of the above alternatives charms you and your business, still there is a way to seek expansion without infusing it with debt or divulging precious equity – bootstrapping

You can go for funding from your personal finances or operating revenues of your company. In this case it is not possible to expand without any external funding.Your self-sufficiency denotes you’re throughout control but in this case you will enjoy self-pride for seeking considerable revenues by fuelling it for any uninterrupted period of expansion.

Don’t get lured by any of the options discussed above. What suits you and your business have the chances of burgeoning your business because what suits one business, might not suit another one.

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