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Is dialing a phone number which starts from 0870 digging a hole in your pocket? Looking for an alternative to the costly numbers which start from 0870, 0845, 03, 05, 070/076, 080, 083/4, 0871, 09, 116 and 118 & 0844?

Not to worry more as by reading this article will help you how to say no to 0870? Find out how you can easily say No to 0870 and prohibit making costly call to this number when you contact businesses. Before equip yourself with certain facts.

Facts you need to know about 0870

It’s irritating when you need to call a helpline or similar from your mobile phone but you’ll be charged exorbitantly for it.

Know how to call 0845, 0870 and 0800 numbers free from your mobile, and explore which numbers are free from your mobile and the cost involved for such particular premium numbers.

In many cases, some businesses have a Toll Free number that they don’t wish you to be aware of.

You use your smartphone plan with unlimited minutes, but that’s unexpectedly to involve premium-rate numbers.

If you have no option instead of accessing landline, avoid making calls starting with 0845, 0870 and similar is something you need to do.

Most of the companies make use of such numbers to balance the cost of tech support, or just to make more money.

Mobile networks are geared to charge exorbitant amounts for these types of numbers inspite of more than calling from a landline.

Since July 2015, Ofcom ensured that calling 0800 and 0808 numbers were completely free on mobile phones, irrespective of the network you’re on and are merely covered in your mobile or home phone package.

What are Non-geographic numbers?

Non-geographic numbers are the numbers which begin with 03, 05, 070/076, 080, 0845, 0870, 083/4, 0871, 09, 116 and 118 are used by individuals to contact businesses such as banks, airlines and Government agencies, in order to obtain information, making payments for services, making complaints or voting on TV shows.

These numbers are much more expensive than standard rates and follows their own special price mechanism. These numbers are also excluded from landline “inclusive call” plan or mobile.

The following are the approximate call charges to non-geographic numbers. You should get in touch with your phone provider to find out the actual cost for these numbers.

Non-geographic Numbers Call Charges

Number that begins with Description Cost from landlines per minute(approximate) Cost from mobiles per minute(approximate)
01 02 Geographic numbers for particular regions of the U.K Upto 13p 3p to 55p
03 0345 U.K wide-numbers Upto 9p 3p to 55p
030 Not-for-profit organizations, charities and public bodies Upto 10 3p to 40p
07 Mobile Numbers 10p to 20p 3p to 55p
070 Personal or ‘follow me’ numbers authorized by the Phone-paid Services Authority 4p to £3.40(plus a possible 51p per call) 30p to £2.50(plus a possible 51p per call)
0800 & 0808 numbers Freephone service Free Free
0843 0844 0845 Business rate numbers Upto 7p and the access charge of your company’s phone Upto 7p and the access charge of your company’s phone
0870 0871 0872 0873 Business rate numbers authorized by the Phone-paid Services Authority Upto 13p and the access charge of your company’s phone Upto 13p and the access charge of your company’s phone
09 Premium rate numbers authorized by the Phone-paid services authority Upto £3.60 and the access charge of your company’s phone plus, 5p to £6 per call Upto £3.60 and the access charge of your company’s phone plus, 5p to £6 per call
101 Police non-emergency number 15p per call 15p per call
105 UK-wide powercut helpline Free Free
111 Non-emergency medical advice   Free Free
112 Emergency services Free Free
116 Freephone numbers Free Free
118 Directory enquiry-numbers authorized by the Phone-paid services authority Upto £5 and the access charge of your phone company, plus possibly upto £6.98 per call Upto £5 and the access charge of your phone company, plus possibly upto £6.98 per call
999 Emergency services Free Free

What are the Call Charges applicable on 0870, 0844 and 0845 Numbers?

There is no package that covers up the calls made to 0870 and 0844 numbers.

Beginning from July 1, 2015, calls made from 0870 or 0844 includes the charges which is divided into two parts: ‘an access charge’ that goes to telecom provider and the rest goes to in the form of ‘service charge’ to the organization.

By adding these two charges together gives you the total cost of the call. The following is an access charge estimate of various telecom providers in the U.K.

Provider Access Charge of Home Phone Mobile Access Charge
BT(i) 13p/minute 30p/minute
Co-op 9p/minute 21p/minute
EE(ii) 11p/minute 50p/minute
O2 N/A 55p/minute
Plusnet 9.58 p/minute N/A
Post Office 11p/minute N/A
Sky 11.5 p/minute 45p/minute
SSE 10 p/minute N/A
TalkTalk 10.5 p/minute 25 p/minute
Three N/A 45p/minute
Virgin Media 11.25 p/minute 45p/minute(iii)
Vodafone 11p/minute 55p/minute

The calling cost from 0844 and 0845 number ranges from 0p to 7p per minute.

Furthermore, the cost of access call will differs subject to the service provider. Calling a 087 number consists of service charge that ranges between 0p and 13p per minute.

Similar to 084 numbers, the access charges will differ subject to the service provider.

As stated earlier, phone calls made to 0844 phone numbers from either VMB or a BT landline are not a part of any free-minute package.

Whilst telecom customers have every enclosing minutes within their monthly package, still they will be changed to call 0844 numbers.

The customer will end up paying upto 5.1 p per minute along with an additional 15p connection fee using a British Telecommunications plc (BT) landline for which this fee is payable every time an individual makes a call regardless of the call duration.

Contrarily, an individual using a VMB landline will have to pay 12.41 p for calling a 0844 number along with an additional connection fee up to 15.94p per call.

How to know if provider’s inclusive calls cover 0845 and 0870 numbers?

Provider 0870 0845
BT(i) Yes Yes
Co-op No No
EE No No
Plusnet Yes Yes
Post Office Yes Yes
Sky Yes Yes
SSE Yes Yes
TalkTalk No No
Virgin(iv) Yes Yes

How to Call 0870 & 0845 Numbers for Free or at Cheaper Rates?

SayNoto 0870 Website

SayNoto 0870 Website is a UK website which consists of a directory of non-geographic telephone numbers with their geographic alternatives.

This portal help you to find an alternative number to 0870 number that cost you much less than actual 08 number.

All you need is to enter the company’s name, and feed the details of the phone number you want to find.

The website allows you to search on an 05, 084 or 087 number or on an 01, 02, 03 or 080 number.

SayNoTo0870 website & mobile apps allows you to find an expensive 0842, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872 or 0873 number to look an alternative inclusive or geographic rate 01, 02 or 03 number or a free 0800 or 0808 number which can make you a call at cheaper rates to business telephone numbers.

08 Wizard

When you wish to search for a free 08 number, download the 08 Wizard available in all your major mobile operating systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows.

Just put the company name or the premium non-geographic 08 numbers and the app will show the alternative number that will cost you much cheaper in form of 01, 02 or 03 landline number.

As such you’ve put the number in, it will then create a number and redirect your call to non 08 number that is possibly to charge standard rates to you as involved in your package.

This app has an easy-to-user interface and simple to use that helps you to search for an alternate number and view the current calls made using the app.


Depending on the online saynoto0870 portal, the 0870 app allows the users to put in the 0870 number and gives them with an option of using 01, 02 or 03 number.

The users are charged 79p to iPhone users, but a similar app for Android based mobiles called ‘Say No To 0870’ comes for free.


Users can avoid the call charges on the numbers such as 0845 and 0870 via using a smartphone. The users can adhere to the following steps to prevent charges:

  • The users can download WeQ4U app from App Store or Google Play Store via using an Android smartphone or iPhone. The application comes for free and works with 0870, 0800, 0808, and 0500 numbers by routing calls through a 03 number which constitutes as a part of an all-inclusive free minute package.
  • Whenever the user dials a number beginning with 08 using an Android phone on the app will pre-dial a 03 access number. This means the user doesn’t have to open the WeQ4U app. On the other hand, accessibility of the app to the users will have just by opening the app to dial the number.
  • The app will start to call, using a 03 number, and the person will hear a communication from WeQ4U about queuing.
  • If somebody gets stuck up waiting in a queue to speak to someone, they can only tap 9* on the on-screen keypad and the app will convey an alert when an operator has received the call.

08 Saver

08 Saver, an iphone app works in a different manner as what has been talked about listed apps above and charges 79p.

08 Saver is available to download on apple store wherein the users have the flexibility to browse through categories such as banks, airlines, and insurance companies etc. and search for alternative numbers for 08 numbers.

The benefit of using iPhone based app is that you don’t need to know the 08 number of the company on which you have to make a call.

How to raise a voice against unfair phone call charges?

Seek a refund from the company

If you wish to lodge a complaint against the product or service of a company you’d purchased via calling to a 0870 or 0845 number, you should seek the company to refund you the charges of making expensive calls.

Moreover, contact your phone service provider and request him not to include the unresolved part of the phone bill until resolved.

Premium rate phone number problems

Phone-paid Services Authority also known as PSA are the regulators of the premium rate services which consists of the numbers beginning with 0870, 0845 and much more.

If you have a complaint regarding false call-cost information or any misleading claims, or derogatory content and lengthy calls. You can also lodge a complaint about all these by giving a call to the company on 0300 303 0020 or visit its website.

Issues pertaining to Phone Billing

If by mistake you’ve been charged by your phone service provider, you should lodged a complaint about it.

If the matter remains undisputed still, you should get in touch with the Ombudsman Services or the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (Cisas).

Many phone companies excluding some third-party service providers are included in one of 2 services. You’re probably to obtain a required support from these companies related to your phone billing problem.

It is recommended to get in touch with Ombudsman Services or Cisas after eight weeks of making a formal complaint made to your phone company for seeking the resolution, or after clearly stating the inability to do anything by the phone company.

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