How to Get Registered Office Address for a Foreign Company in UK

Ways to Get Registered Office Address for a Foreign Company in UK

Establishing a new business requires a registered office address. In fact, it is essential in most of the countries for having a registered office address while registering your company. Business address means a place where your company’s daily activities are taken place. In contrast, a registered office address indicates the official address through which legal correspondences by the government and other parties are delivered.

Preferably, statutory documents, your company’s seal and register are held in a registered office address. If you select for keeping them elsewhere, a notification is must for the Companies House.

Benefits of Business Registration

If you wish to register a new business in the UK, section 86 of the Companies Act 2006 makes it compulsory for having a registered office address. This is where reminders, notices and communications from HMRC, Companies House and other agencies will be directed.

The general presumption is that your company will obtain any official correspondence sent to the registered office address. In fact, it becomes your responsibility to as company owners for ensuring that you get the documents.

You can always derive a registered office address form from online service providers. However, you can contact any accountant throughout UK who can assist you in getting your office registered.

Most of the entrepreneurs consider registered office address in London as a result of which it permits the company to situate itself in London. Nevertheless of whether you are preferring annual or quarterly subscriptions, the address should be considered by both Companies House and HMRC.

Additional to fulfilling legal requirements, a registered office address makes your company appear bigger as compared to what actually was. This assists in forming a good impression on clients.

A registered office address assists you in keeping your personal and business matters separate. If you are choosing for a virtual registered office address, you need to carry out your homework. You can prefer comparing packages form from a number of service providers before finalizing one. A local business expert will be of great assistance.

Benefits of Business Registration as an LLC

Starting a new company abroad or locally requires your company to be registered. While it was expensive and difficult to register a new venture in the past, a new company registration in the UK has become low-priced, quicker and easier.

Companies House

As an owner of the startup, you have different forms of business to select from, involving a sole proprietorship, limited liability Company, partnership and corporation. The LLC mixes distinctive features of sole trader, corporations and partnerships.  Let’s take a look on the major benefits of your business registration as an LLC:

  • Limited personal liability: a sole proprietor or owners of a partnership are legally responsible for business losses and debts. You are responsible personally for business activity hence placing personal assets at risk, which includes your car and home. In contrast, the LLC safeguards your finances and personal assets.
  • Tax benefits: An LLC does not pay taxes by itself. Alike a sole trader, it is the responsibility of the LLC owner to pay tax through personal income tax return. Moreover, you are also eligible for a number of tax deductions which includes, advertising, training, repairs and maintenance.
  • Modified business reputation: On the contrary sole proprietorships, limited companies have higher possibility of attracting investors, involving in B2B agreements and forming customer trust.

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