EORI Number: A passport for trading in & outside UK

“Traders operating outside European Union should have EORI number for trading in UK and traders trading goods with countries outside the European Union should also have an EORI number”

What does EORI mean?

Businesses engaged in importing and exporting of goods outside the UK domicile needs to carry an EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification). Introduced on 1st July 2009 by all member states, EORI has replaced the Old Trader’s Unique Reference Number (TURN).

It is the national customs authority which issues an EORI number to both businesses and individual established in the UK for performing their custom activities in the UK. For making an entry or exit for the shipments traveling in or out of the UK, an importer or exporter needs to present a summary of the customs declaration. The EORI number is exclusive which Custom authorities submit it for an indefinite time period.

Economic Operator Registration and Identification
Economic Operator Registration and Identification

As per the new security law, it is the job of an importer or exporter to declare the goods coming in or going out of the UK within a specified time limit. Both individuals and businesses need to make the declarations of both import and export in a standardized manner for which they need to have an EORI number for meeting out the objectives of both Entry Summary Declaration and an Exit Summary Declaration.

Format of EORI Number

With the letters ‘GB’ EORI numbers in the UK gets started. Many of them are pursued by a 12-digit number based on the VAT number of a trader such as GB123456789000. Also, a non-VAT registered operators issues the minute number of ‘dummy’ EORI numbers. Businesses can also contact the HMRC Excise & Customs Helpline on 0300-200-3700.

Those businesses having a UK VAT number can check to see if it has an EORI status.

If businesses are not VAT registered, then an EORI number will be smaller as compared to the original EORI number. This will get changed directly as soon as the trader becomes VAT registered. It is significant to note that per trader carries one EORI number, irrespective of the number of offices they may hold. For instance, with TURN every office would have its own trading number. For example;

  • Office1: GB123456789014
  • Office2: GB123456789015
  • Office3: GB123456789016, and it can continue subject to the number of the office.

Who can apply Economic Operator Registration and Identification?

How to apply for EORI number?

Whether you’re an importer or an exporter, you need to fill out the application form under following instances and submit it to HMRC:

  • Registered for VAT-if you didn’t get your EORI number while registering for VAT
  • You are an exporter but not VAT registered
  • You are an importer but not VAT registered

Get your EORI via Email

An importer or an exporter gets their EORI number via email within 3 working days. You can provide this number to your courier or freight forwarder. They’ll provide it when they make the customs declaration on your behalf.

Contact EORI team

If you have lost your EORI number or need help or wish to report any changes in cases:

  • When any changes have been made in business name and address or VAT number
  • If your business is VAT registered.
  • If the EORI number is not required anymore.
  • For adding or removing the details of the business from the public EORI checker.

Who can qualify for EORI?

EORI number is assigned only to legal business entities such as sole proprietors, partnerships or companies. Any branch or division of a company carrying Trader’s Unique Reference Number (TURN) does not qualify for an EORI number.

Economic Operator Registration and Identification
Economic Operator Registration and Identification

In such cases, the EORI number is assigned only to the parent or the holding company of the branch or division.

How will your EORI number be used?

As a trader, while dealing with customs officials, you need to show your unique Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number which serves as a purpose for exchanging information to customs authorities or with other government departments and agencies under a transit procedure.

The EORI number includes your all pre-arrival and pre-departure information of goods coming in or going out the customs territory of the European Community or when doing import or export under a transit procedure.

The number is useful for assessing and exchanging risk information between customs authorities and the European Commission.

How Nexa Accountants can help you in getting your EORI Number?

Nexa Accountants team will help your business get an EORI number with HMRC( normally the processing of EORI takes 3 working days). If your firm is not VAT registered, still there are chances of getting an EORI Number.

Nexa Accountants on your behalf will fill out separate forms for import and export. Our team offers you guidance and support in taking care of your proceedings of getting the EORI number swiftly. You can speak to us on : 020 3004 9303 to know more.

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