Accountants in Bournemouth

Renowned since a decade in the UK, we are a well-respected and distinguished firm of ACAs and Chartered Accountants (CA) in Bournemouth providing a numerous variety of services to businesses and contractors/freelancers.

Through our Bournemouth office, we have established a various range of contacts which encloses professional and commercial businesses. As Bournemouth Accountants, our team of experienced accountants have enormous knowledge of the subject and work with clients in and around Bournemouth.

Many SMEs require somebody to help them grow and we at Nexa Accountants help in achieving them grow with times.

Accounts Preparation

Most business owners maintain and keep their accounting books updated. Financial statements indicate a scorecard of the business—shows the performance of the business, how is the business performing, in addition to the areas of concerns if any.

Normally, common mistake small-business owners make is not keeping their accounting books updated, thus making business decisions only on the basis of insufficient information which does not seem suitable. We help businesses in Bournemouth make an informed financial decision which is essential for the business in the long run.

Guidance on new business

Nexa Accountants in Bournemouth offer all the required advice and guidance needed to start and establish a successful business. We help small businesses in Bournemouth with all the essential things required to effectively start a business.

These may consist of accepting the most advantageous legal structure, establishing of business bank account(s), and registration with tax authorities and record keeping etc.

Taxation and Tax planning

As per the legal requirements, all forms of taxpayers consisting of individuals, partners and businesses are required to file annual tax return forms. Penalties are imposed for not submitting timely returns and also for submitting inaccurate completed forms.

We offer tax planning services to small businesses in the UK in order to help them with accurate and fast completion of forms, thereby, ensuring compliance with the time restrictions. We also ensure that businesses never forget filing deadlines as there are severe penalty charges for late tax payment.

Company Formation and Records

Nexa Accountants spend time and assist businesses with legal requirements for company formation and record keeping. A company must prepare and file annual tax returns and pay corporation tax in time.

Also, there are various forms required by the Register of Companies and all these forms require to be submitted within a stipulated time period; breach of the deadline will directly result in penalties.


Business owners in Bournemouth are required to get registered with HMRC and open a Pay-as-You-Earn (PAYE) Scheme. Employees are also required to deal with company car tax benefit, maternity leave pack, sick pay etc.

Nexa Accountants provide you with a complete package for payroll services including PAYE, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), and Real Time Information (RTI) which offers necessary calculation for payroll.

CIS Tax Advice

We help clients with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and ensure that both contractors and sub-contractors are compliant with the regulations relating to CIS.


Nexa Accountants work with clients to help them prepare and submit their self-assessment returns with HMRC. Our clients depend on us the quality of service we provide in Bournemouth. We ensure that our clients don’t have to pay penalties and returns are filed before the deadline.

We allot an update return filing calendar with our clients in order to ensure they make the desired arrangements before time.


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