Maternity Allowance

If a woman is not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay, she can apply for Maternity Allowance.  If she is self employed or an employee who has not been worked from an employer for a long time, she does not quality for this kind of pay. Apart from this, if her average pay is around >£112.00 a week, she does not qualify for the same. In this case, she can claim for Maternity Allowance when she has been expecting for 26 weeks. Payment of this can start in 11 weeks before the baby is due.

Eligibility for Maternity Allowance:

Before allying or claiming for this allowance, you must have the proper knowledge regarding the eligible criteria. Kindly go through the following points.

  • If she doesn’t have the idea to check whether she is eligible to claim for maternity allowance, she can for Maternity Entitlement Calculator to check her eligibility.
  • She can consult with Nexa-Accountants for better information and guidance regarding Maternity Allowance. Here she can get perfect solution for this allowance.
  • She will get Maternity Allowance on every 2 or 4 weeks.

During this Maternity Allowance, a woman can get:

  • £ 27.00 per week for 39 weeks
  • £ 27.00 per week for 14 weeks
  • £ 139.58 per week for 39 weeks or 90% of average weekly earnings, which is quite less.

Maternity Allowance by Nexa Accountants

Eligibility Criteria for 39 Weeks:

If a woman wants to claim when she is expecting in 39 weeks, she must comply the following criteria.

  • She must be employed, but not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay.
  • She must be self employed and pays class 2 N! (National Insurance) contribution.
  • She must have recently stop working.

Woman expecting in 26 weeks, must have been

  • Self employed or employed for minimum 26 weeks for an employer
  • £ 30.00 for a week earning in last 13 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria for 14 Weeks:

A woman can get maternity allowance for 14 weeks if for a minimum of 26 weeks in the 66 weeks before the baby is due:

  • She must be married or in a civil partnership.
  • Either not employed or self employed.
  • She must be a part or business partner of self employed spouse or civil partner.
  • Work done unpaid for business
  • Her spouse or civil partner must be registered as self employed with HMRC & should pay class 2 NI
  • She must not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay.

For Self Employed Woman:

Self-employed woman who wants to claim to get full amount of maternity allowance, she must have paid class 2 NI for at least 13 out of 66 weeks of baby’s due. In such case, Department of Work and Pension (DWP) will verify for the same. They will inform the woman for the same vial phone or mail. If the verify doesn’t go well. She will get £ 27.00 per week for 39 weeks.

If she loses her baby:

If a woman loses her baby, she is still eligible to claim for Maternity allowance under the following conditions:

  • Her baby is either born alive during pregnancy.
  • Still born since the start of the 24th week of pregnancy.

How to Claim?

If she wants to claim for Maternity Allowance, complete MAI Claim Form. She can print it and fill up the information and send it back online. If getting problem, Nexa Accountants are always here. They can assist you in such cases.

Documents to be attached:

  • Proof of income (pay slips, certificate of small earning exception)
  • Proof of baby’s due date signed by doctor
  • SMP1 Form (Only applicable if a woman was refused Statutory Maternity Pay by the employer)

As the leading accounting firm in London, Nexa Accountants can help you to claim Maternity Allowance in ease. You just have to consult with our best accountants for the same.

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